Government Intervention
  • Apple products while considered luxury products, have a loyal fan base and a growing fad among this generation. 
  •  Apple is dominant in the tablet and online music download markets with the iPad's taking 68% of the tablet market as the sales of other competitors such as android drops and iTunes taking over 70% in download shares in the United States.
  • Apple is slowly climbing it's way up the smartphone and computer market as seen below in the table.

  • The government might introduce a price ceiling (seen below) in order to stop Apple from over charging customers in the future.
  • This is not a huge problem at the moment because of various competitors that are still dominant in some
  •  of the markets that Apple is involved in.
  • The government may impose tax policies on Apple's products in the future.
  • The success of Apple can be seen by the fact that more iPhone's are sold a day than babies are born in the world.


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